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Want To Upgrade Your Internet Plan? 3 Things To Do Afterward


When you first moved into your house, you may have chosen a slow Internet plan because it was the only thing available or because it fit into your price range. While it may have given you the Internet that your family has needed since you moved in, you may know that it has also led to a number of limitations or restrictions. 

If you are a point where you are able to upgrade your Internet plan and you are making plans to do so, you should also create a list of things to do at home with the new connection after internet installation.

Get Rid of Bandwidth Limits

When you or anyone in your family plays games on computers or video game consoles, you may have set bandwidth limits to avoid using it all up. After upgrading to a speedier plan, you may not need to worry about setting these limitations. You will be able to download games quickly while other online devices work smoothly. 

This means that you should go through the settings in your game launchers and video game consoles to eliminate bandwidth limits. A major perk of this upgrade is being able to download updates quickly so that you do not have to wait long to play a game that needs updating. 

Adjust Streaming Quality

Along with limiting download speeds, you may have reduced the streaming quality for movies, shows, and even videos. This means that you should go to all your streaming platforms and video websites to change the default quality. Once you get there, you can go with the highest quality available or pick automatic, which will choose based on your connection at the time. 

As long as your upgrade is substantial enough, you can look forward to automatic quality, picking the one with the highest resolution so that all your videos look clear and crisp. 

Backup on the Cloud 

If you have a lot of photos and videos that you have taken over the years and stored on various computers, phones, and hard drives, you may want to preserve them. While protecting these devices will help, they could stop working at some point in time and your files would be lost. 

Backing everything up onto the cloud is an excellent idea because it gives you a reliable way to store photos and videos safely. If you have held off on doing it due to a slow Internet connection, you can look forward to getting started after you make the switch to a better plan. 

Doing these things after getting faster Internet will help you benefit from the change right away.


23 April 2020