The Connection You Crave

If there is one connection we all crave, it is a connection to the Internet. These days, without a good internet connection, we can't watch our favorite shows, check the weather, check our email, or even use the smart features on appliances like refrigerators! Internet service providers provide us with that connection we all need. When you are shopping for an ISP or an internet service package, the more you know, the better off you will be. It is therefore our goal to help teach people about internet service providers and internet connections in general. Read the articles here to jump-start your learning process.

Do You Still Need a Landline?


With everyone having smartphones these days, you may think that the need for a landline at home is just not there. However, many people are still using landlines for various reasons. Here is why it is still worth having a home phone.

They're Great For Emergency Calls

Do you have kids at home? If so, it is always a good idea to have a phone around for emergency purposes. If an emergency actually were to happen, your child may not know where your smartphone is and how to use it. With a landline phone, it is pretty easy to teach a child how to use 911 if they need to. It's something important that has been forgotten over the years as landlines have become less common. 

They Provide Clear Calling

One problem with cell phones is that they require a strong signal for the calls to have good reception. Otherwise, calls can drop out and you miss what people are saying. While it may be okay if you are calling friends or family, it may be unacceptable if you are making business calls. Landlines are going to provide incredibly clear call quality that you don't have to worry about. You can depend on your landline to work whenever it comes to being able to hear the person at the other end of the phone. 

They're Easy to Operate

Are there older family members living in your home? Using a smartphone for all your calls may be difficult for some people, since they don't understand how to use a smart phone and it is really confusing to them. It may help to have a traditional landline phone where they enter the numbers manually, or have a speed dial where they press one button to talk to someone. Having a simple phone that can be used will ensure that they can make the calls they need.

They're Essential for Services

There are some services for your home that need a landline in order to operate. This is common if you have a security system that dials 911 through a phone line. Some people that live in an apartment or condo building need a landline for the call box in the lobby. Those that still use fax machines need a phone line to send and receive faxes. If you have a service that depends on a phone line, then it still will be a necessity for your home. 


10 June 2021